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Safeguarding Heritage And Rural Economies

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The SHARE Project aims to safeguard rural culture and heritage related skills in order to preserve cultural diversity, generate social cohesion and make rural areas more sustainable and attractive.

Entwined within the programmes five ‘Work Packages’ will be an opportunity to pilot a European Heritage Passport Scheme (EHPS) where volunteers from each of the partner regions have the opportunity to undertake a unique ‘experiential learning’ journey (locally, nationally and transnationally) via direct work on proposed partner ‘Investment’ sites and during SHARE exchanges.

This innovative scheme will provide the volunteers with both accreditation and recognition throughout the course of the project whilst SHARE Project partners host, promote and jointly develop the scheme across North West Europe.

The SHARE Project will endeavour to:

  • Raise Awareness and Appreciation of Rural Skills, Culture and Heritage.
  • Increase Participation Levels of Dwindling Rural Skills.
  • Restore International Key Heritage Sites Using Volunteers Linked to the EHPS.
  • Develop Sustainable Conservation Networks to Safeguard Culture & Heritage.
  • Disseminate Project Results, Best Practice & Reports Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

The project plans to develop & test methodology based on transnational cooperation in order to:

  1. Maximise rural heritage & culture to meet social/economic needs of target groups through engagement & activities.
  2. Engage & equip target groups with necessary skills
  3. Ensure high quality restoration, conservation & maintenance of tangible & intangible heritage.
  4. Establish a competency based European Heritage Skills Passport scheme to revive rural skills & engage artisans & volunteers in restoration & conservation projects.
  5. Create a transnational method to record traditional rural skills, referenced to high standards for future research.
  6. Undertake conservation pilots in three partner areas by training volunteers in traditional rural skills working locally & transnationally.
  7. Increase local appreciation, interest and conservation of rural culture & heritage.

The SHARE Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund through the INTERREG IV North West Europe Programme to promote strong and prosperous communities.

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