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Kempens Landschap



‘Kempens Landschap’ is a ‘not for profit’ organisation founded in 1997 on the initiative of the provincial administration of Antwerp and nearby 40 municipalities from this province.

The main objectives of this landscape foundation are the acquisition, protection, enhancement and eventual restoration of the environment, landscape, nature and cultural heritage in the province of Antwerp and the conservation, management, development and public accessibility of monuments in its possession.

Paragraph around what the organisation will do during the SHARE Project:

Kempens Landschap’s responsibility in the SHARE Programme is to safeguard the landscape of both Wortel and the Merksplas-Colony. By learning best practice from our partners on the programme, it is possible to increase our knowledge on the use of volunteers at several restoration projects. In the Merksplas-Colony a volunteer programme will be organised to train volunteers to professional guides.

In the Wortel-Colony prisoners will be taught to do restoration works as a part of a re-integration programme. In April 2013 a sheep herding project was restarted in order to maintain the important alleys in an ecologically friendly manner. These measures in the field will raise public awareness in the safeguarding of cultural and rural heritage.

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vzw Kempens Landscape Peredreef 5 2580 Beerzel (Putte)

015 - 22.82.33



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