Province of Gelderland

Province of Gelderland


Information of the region

The province of Gelderland lies in the east of the centre of the Netherlands. In terms of area (5,137 km2) it is the largest of the twelve provinces of the Netherlands. Gelderland’s 56 municipalities are home to 2 million inhabitants.

Information on organisation and sub-partners

The provincial government is situated in Arnhem, which is recognised as being the capital of the province, and this is where the province carries out its core duties, and in doing so, occupies an intermediate position between national government and local municipalities. The province coordinates, monitors and makes decisions on matters such as traffic and transport, urban and country planning and the environment. This mid-level position makes the province especially suited to making assessments from a broader perspective, which are nonetheless geared towards its own municipalities and region.
As partner of the SHARE project the department of Culture and Cultural History is involved and coordinates the activities together with its sub-partners, the rural estates Castle Middachten, Klarenbeek and Huis Sevenaer.

What kind of work will be done in the project

Together with its sub-partners, the province is active in involving volunteers, artisans and young people in renovation activities to restore the rural heritage of three rural estates. These pilot estates will be acting as examples to other estates, showing how the province set-up and organized the volunteering groups and found new economical drivers to sustain these. At Huis Sevenaer a new agricultural shop and a cider brewing unit will be set-up, whilst at Klarenbeek, catering activities and a furniture shop are foreseen. At Castle Middachten there is an active in historic photo and book restoration programme planned to attract more visitors to the site.

Partner Contact Information

Postbus 9090, 6800 GX Arnhem

(026) 359 91 11



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