European Heritage Skills Passport Scheme

The European Heritage Skills Passport Scheme (EHSPS) is an opportunity for volunteers located in each of the SHARE Partner regions to undertake a unique transnational journey of ‘experiential learning’. Volunteers will work both locally and transnationally on many of the skills linked to rural heritage and culture with an overall aim of gaining recognition and accreditation for the work undertaken. Upon completion of a training modular (which can vary from a few days to six months) each participant will get their actual ‘passport’ stamped by the respective training verifier which may also include certificates etc.  


The EHSPS consists of three phases, all of which were designed transnationally in order to ensure both compatibility and accessibility for its users.

 SHARE Passport Scheme Flow Diagram

For more information on the European Heritage Skills Passport Scheme please contact your respective SHARE representative in your region / country

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