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Investment by the Province of Gelderland

SHARE Gelderland Investment 002

The history at Langoed Huis Sevenaer stretches back to the middle ages when it was first established as a fortified castle with lands. The settlement developed over time into a successful rural estate but now Sevenaer’s skills and agricultural produce have largely disappeared.

In order to halt and reverse this decline the estate is being restored with the financial aid of the Province of Gelderland and the community of Zevenaar.

The restoration work will provide an opportunity for training, experience and skills development with volunteers taking part in elements of the renewal works.

The SHARE investment will improve one of the estate buildings at Huis Sevenaer to set up a farm products store (with no income generated). It is conceived that volunteers will use traditional forms of equipment and practice coupled with new technology and commercial farm products to create a facility that could become self-sufficient post SHARE project.                                         

The store will provide training opportunities to local communities and develop a regular volunteer presence to staff the enterprise. Moreover, only products that are directly related to regional culture and heritage will be sold thus providing an important outlet for, and raising the profile of, traditional crafts and rural products.

SHARE Gelderland Investment 001


SHARE Gelderland Investment 002


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