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Rennes Meeting - May 2012

In May 2012, SHARE Partners met in Rennes, France as part of a planned Preliminary Meeting to discuss elements of the project prior to the proposed launch in November of that year as well as project specifics. The meeting was hosted by the Conseil Général d'Ille et Vilaine who are the only French partner on the programme.


The meeting was held at the Archives départementales in Rennes which is run by the 'Conseil' and recognised as being state-of-the-art in terms of achieving and safeguarding of important artefacts. With partners having visited the archive, they then proceeded to travel to the City of Louvigné where they were the guests during the launch of an exhibition linked to the SHARE Project surrounding granite and the intangible stories behind the workers and their respective families.


To conclude the visit, the SHARE Partners visited of the company La Générale du Granit with the Company Director Philippe Robert showing partners around the facility and informing them of the importance of the history of granite and the affect it has had on the region, landscape and lives of the people of the region.

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