SHARE Utrecht Exchange / Mid Term Review - September 2013

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SHARE Utrecht Exchange / Mid Term Review - September 2013

SHARE Partners and their respective Volunteers visited the New Dutch Waterline in Utrecht, Netherlands during our SHARE Exchange meeting in September 2013. During the four-day exchange meeting SHARE Project Staff held a Mid-Term Review where a number of discussions & workshops were held to further develop the project in a truly transnational manner. Coinciding with the staff programme, volunteers participated on a series of 'experiential learning' opportunities over the course of trip, working on a number of fortresses along the New Dutch Waterline which is situated in Utrecht, Holland.


On the first day of the exchange the SHARE Project launched its transnationally developed 'European Heritage Skills Passport Scheme' which will give volunteers the opportunity to gain accreditation for their work as well as build on their own capacity. The 'scheme' is focussed on giving local volunteers an opportunity to learn new skills linked to rural culture and heritage which also encompasses opportunities to travel to partner regions to undertake voluntary work. As part of the visit, SHARE Project Staff also found time to take part in a bit of volunteer work themselves; which certainly gave them a realistic understanding of the logistics of volunteering.


Mr Ryan Barry, SHARE Project Co-ordinator said "The project is the perfect platform for an adult of any age or ability who is wanting to develop their skill-base, gain experience in different forms of work or just wanting to become more proactive in the community" he continued "The ethos of the SHARE Project is around volunteer development and the sustainability of rural culture and heritage. The project will certainly enhance the level of conservation and interpretation of our rural heritage work whilst also contributing towards local employment and skills development - two of our key priorities within the Local Authority. 


The project is 50% funded by the INTERREG IVB North West Europe Programme and consists of partners in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.  The partner's on the SHARE Project all have a wired range of skills and are highly experienced in terms of with organisations across NW Europe is a very strong one with wide ranging skills and experience.  We are sure we are going to be able to learn much from their work as well as contributing ourselves.  Their work in ensuring we learn from the cutting edge of good practice in this area, as well as the ability to document partners’ work, will be invaluable to the project.”

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