Utrecht Meeting - January 2013

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SHARE Utrecht Meeting January 2013

The SHARE Partners arrived in Utrecht in what can only be described as 'extremely cold' conditions with Holland experiencing severe snowfall leading up to the two day event. However, the partnership carried on regardless with our hosts The New Dutch Waterline organising an amazing two-days filled with interesting site visits, talks and workshops.


On day one, the SHARE Partners visited Fortress Werk aan het Spoel where they proceeded to have their traditional Transnational Steering Group Meeting in order to discuss finances, reporting mechanisms, claims and communication protocols. The group then travelled to Fortress Vechten for a tour of the site and presentation on how the facility uses volunteers to safeguard the building and its surroundings. Whilst there, a number of partners ran workshops on project specific protocol's to further enhance the product and trans nationality of the project.


Day two got off with a great start with partners travelling north to the outskirts of Amsterdam to meet with the national Foundation Herstelling which works with volunteers from many of the ethnic minorities in the region with a view of building their capacities through work on a number of heritage sites throughout the area. After an intriguing talk by Director or the organisation the partners again continued to hold a number of workshops with some members of staff from Herstelling, which certainly added value to the overall project outcomes and objectives.

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